About Miracle Rose Garden

Who Are We?

We are a fun loving family of  three humans, two crazy dogs, and two geriatric kitties. We enjoy creating, cooking, traveling, playing with our pets, and learning all sorts of new skills.

After experiencing the heartbreak of infertility and multiple pregnancy losses, we became parents to “A” Rose, our beautiful 7 year old , IVF miracle.  I decided to begin blogging after “A” expressed her desire to share our creations and projects with the world. We started out by occasionally sharing live videos on social media. Eventually, we decided to share our experiences and projects here to serve as a Resource “Garden” for other families.

Family Together!

This year, as a family we have decided to enter the world of homeschooling. This was an extremely difficult decision as both my husband and I work outside the home. Over the years, we continued to feel a pull toward educating “A” here at home.  Because of our hectic lifestyle, we have a pretty eclectic style of “schooling” but we really make it work and have found a lot of opportunities for educating at home. We can’t wait to share with you some tips, tricks, projects etc. We are just an average family and we can’t wait to meet others who are on similar paths. Thank you so much for joining us!